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July 29, 2020
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How To Bake A Potato?

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Thinking of what to cook for dinner? Baked potatoes are just the answer you need right now. Look no further. Baked potatoes can make a wonderful accompaniment with your main menu or are so very versatile that they could step forward elegantly and take center stage. The white pure delicious potato peeping out of its golden jacket looks great and is a superb comfort food. Come home to the versatile, delicious all time favorite potato.

Baked potatoes are a staple diet in several cuisines. Baked potatoes perfectly combine the crispy with the soft and fluffy. A nice brown crispy skin packages the soft white interiors. You may have your baked potatoes with or without the skin. There is a version of the baked potatoes known as the "Jacket potato" wherein the insides are removed, mixed with ingredients of your choice ranging from cheese, butter, bacon or just about anything that suits your palette.

Tips on how to bake a potato:
-Mature potatoes that are brown in color and healthy are ideal for baking. Avoid the ones with a greenish tinge. By healthy what I mean would be evident when you look at a potato, smooth plain even color and the glow reflecting all over.

-It is best to take potatoes of the same size to ensure that all of them are cooked uniformly.

-Wash and clean each of the potatoes, pat dry and make slits or small cuts (with a fork or a thin knife) on the potatoes to avoid the bursting inside the oven. While being baked the pressure inside builds up and if there is no vent or cut to release this, the potato would explode n your oven.

-Dabbing the potato lightly with cooking oil or olive oil will add to the taste of your baked potatoes. However, if you have the health aspect higher in your list then just do away with the oil.

-Get the dressing/topping ready. Anything from sour cream, cheese, butter to your favorite salad dressing would go just perfectly with your baked potatoes.

Baked potatoes can be done in the microwave too however, this way you would have a soft outside and inside. If you are in a hurry, however, maybe the 7 minute microwave version would win as against the 40 odd minutes in the traditional oven. Which one would you prefer the oven baked potatoes or the ones done in the microwave?


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